WASCATOR   310BHigh precision washing machine officially acknowledged as a standard reference for washing tests on fabrics. Wascator is also suitable for checking effects of washing detergents and chemical products.
Equipped with microprocessor for setting several programs of different functioning cycles.

Polyester make weight Code 310.72
ECE reference detergent Code 310.4
Sodium Perborate Code 310.8
Stability template and percentage rule for checking the dimensional stability Code 310.14
Memory card UNI EN ISO 6330 Code 310B.90

Built in accordance with: UNI EN ISO 6330-5077, BS EN 26630, IWSTM 31

Power supply: 380 V, 50 Hz, three-phase
Weight: 195 kg
Dimensions: (L)720x(W)690x(H)1315 mm