Tenso Lab 3

TENSO LAB 3   2512A

Electronic semi-automatic single column strength tester suitable for the analysis of the tensile strength of all types of materials up to 300 Kg (3000 N).
C.R.E. tensile strength measuring system.
Zero self-resetting after every test.
Automatic settable pretension of the sample under test.
Adjustable distance between clamps ranging from 50 to500mm.
Adjustable tensile speed ranging from 10 to 1000 mm/min. with return of the moving clamp at the maximum speed.
Tenso-Lab 3 is directly controlled by a Personal Computer (available on request) enabling an accurate control of the functioning and statistical processing of results, in a smart Windows system.
The following basic data can be obtained: resistance, elongation, single values, average, C.V.%, RKM, hysteresis cycle tenacity.

interchangeable load cells of 20N Code 2510.276
interchangeable load cells of100N Code2510.993
interchangeable load cells of1000N Code 2510.282
interchangeable load cells of3000N Code 2510.283

Built in accordance with: ISO, DIN, ASTM, BS, UNI, M&S standards

Power supply: single-phase 110/220V, 50 Hz
Weight: kg 75
Dimensions: (L) 610 x (W) 610 x (H) 1340 mm.

Available interchangeable mechanical and pneumatic clamps for yarns:

mechanical clamps for standard yarns Code 2510.994
Scott 100 clamps for yarns and industrial small ropes (mechanical) Code 2510.995
pneumatic clamps for slippery, delicate or high elasticity yarns for pneumatic clamps the foot switch is required Code 2510.300
Silent-Compressor, (is available on request) Code 3390
LEA clamps for hanks (manual mode) Code 2510.990

Others clamps for yarns and fabrics are available on request.


Usage:Industrial, Commerical, Laboratory