Static Lab

STATIC LAB   291BEquipment suitable for checking the static electricity properties of cloths, protective fabrics, shoe fabrics and leather materials.

It is composed by:

electronic control panel for the digital reading of the static electricity values (Ohm)

connecting cables

measuring heads for the static electricity reading in both the “surface” and “vertical” methods

It is built in accordance with the ISO EN 1149-1 and ISO EN 1149-2 international standards.

N.B.: before the static electricity measurement, sample has to be conditioned at 23°C +/- 1° and R.H. 25% +/- 5%, with Climatest code 1722.

Power supply: 220V / 50 Hz – single phase.
Weight: 5 Kg.
Dimensions: (L) 500 x (W) 300 x (H) 300 mm.