Martindale Abrasion Tester

MARTINDALE   2568_AInstrument for the control of wear and pilling on all types of
fabrics. Model with 9 positions with display LCD touch screen
equipped with single and total rotation counter.
Supplied with 2 sets of weights of 9 and 12 kPa.
3 type test: wear, pilling, linear.
It is available on request also a six positions model code 2568A.

Standard Abradent Fabric (1.6x1m) Code 314.12
Stnd.Backing Foam (pack of 25 pcs) Code 314.32
Stnd.Backing Felt disc o of 140mm (pack of 24 pcs) Code 314.8
Stnd.Felt disc o of 90 mm for Pilling test (pack of 24 pcs) Code 314.20
Sample holder for Swiss Pilling test (EMPA) Code 2568.300
Standard photographs SM50 for pilling test on woven fabrics (3x4 pcs) Code 314.14
Standard photographs SM54 for pilling test on knitted fabrics (3x4 pcs) Code 314.16
Standard photographs EMPA 991 (3x4 pcs) Code 314.18
Standard photographs EMPA 992 (3x4 pcs) Code 314.24
Sample cutter 38o mm Code 2560.322
Sample cutter 90o mm Code 2560.324
Sample cutter 140o mm Code 2560.320

Officially approved by Marks & Spencer for the following tests:
Marks & Spencer P17 Pilling method P1
Marks & Spencer P18C Enhanced Pilling
Marks & Spencer P19 Martindale Abrasion Resistance of Apparel Fabrics
Marks & Spencer P19A Martindale Abrasion Resistance of
Handbags and Belt Fabrics
Marks & Spencer P19B Martindale Abrasion Resistance of Upholstery
Marks & Spencer P19C Martindale Abrasion Resistance for Shirtings

Built according to: ISO 12945-2,EN ISO DIN 12947-1/2/3/4, BS EN ISO 12947- 1, ASTM D4970/4966, IWS TM 196-112, SN 198525, JIS L1018

Power supply: 220V/50Hz, single-phase (110V-60Hz)
Weight: 100 Kg
Dimensions: (L) 900 x (W) 660 x (H) 340 mm.